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Mention of "3 German language Trees"?

I noticed on another discussion, that somebody boasted the complateion of completing "3 German language Trees" Is this available for all laguanges? Is it hidden somewhere? I finished the Spanish course tree, but no option for others. Maybe because I finished it in 2013? The first person to answer all of these will get 5 lingots

July 27, 2017



There are German trees for speakers of; English, Arabic, French, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Go to the incubator and filter to 'Courses Teaching: German' and you'll see all the German courses.

If you're talking about FROM German, then there are English French and Spanish.


oh, and here's your 5 lingots thanks!


Oh, thanks a lot!


so it's only for german? or can it be used with let's say, spanish, frenck, and i'm actually gonna try out japanese, so that too?


You can learn Spanish from: English, German, French, Russian, Portuguese or Chinese.

There are courses in Spanish that teach: English, Catalan, Esperanto, Guarani, French, Italian, and Portuguese.


It can be done with any language available! Try playing around in the incubator, see what's there!

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