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Grammar Tip for Beginners

I have been looking around for help with in explaining some of the complexities of German grammar.

The explanation given in Duolingo are far to 'academic' in their reasoning. It seems I need a wide understanding of English grammar rules before even attempting other languages.

Personally I found that the "Learning with Ania" channel on YouTube to provide a much clearer picture of the quirks of the grammar. To me she explains the grammar points in a manner that is simple to understand.

There is also a supporting Android app as well.

July 27, 2017



If you search The Secret of the German Language on YouTube, there is a teacher who explains the grammar very well. His videos are like classroom learning and they are the reason why I mastered my cases and adjectives. He gives you a very helpful chart too that helps you.


Oh my! Both these links are so helpful!!! Daerdemandt and Adam367552, thank you!

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