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"Αυτή έχει μόνο ένα πουκάμισο."

Translation:She has a shirt only.

July 27, 2017



Does this mean that all of her belongings are one shirt or that, when talking about shirts, she only has one?


It's the same as in English. It can mean both in context.


In English, if you said she only has a shirt, this would mean a shirt and no other clothes. Otherwise you would say she only has one shirt.


I used blouse instead of shirt and was marked wrong. Is that a different word in Greek?


Yes. Μπλούζα is the Greek word for blouse. Whereas in English, the word shirt could refer to something other than a shirt with buttons, that is the only meaning of the word πουκάμισο in Greek. Μπλούζα is the word someone would go with to describe a t-shirt, a tank top, etc. ^.^


Thanks! That is very helpful.

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