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Keep Lingots!

Who thinks that we need to keep Lingots and not switch over to gems? Lingots are heavily associated with Duolingo, whereas if you hear gems, you can think of any game! Also gems have artificially high values (Lingots had this as well, but the case with Lingots is more extreme), it costs 200 gems to buy a Streak freeze, when it's only 10 Lingots.

July 27, 2017


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Where do they have gems? I am not familiar with them. But I do like Lingots, and I love the sound of the word also.


On iOs, in the app store.

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Thanks for answering my question.


You're welcome. :)


Keep the Lingots! They make Duolingo unique, and the name is cool too!


I would love to hear what 'gems' are. Do they look different? The exchange rate with Lingots seems rather extreme. Would I receive 400 gems when I finish a skill?


No I think the gems were designed with the how lingot system works now in mind. A lot of people have a ton of lingots but nothing much to spend the on so they are not worth anything maybe with gems they didn't want that to happen so if you earn less and everything costs more the whole situation can be avoided and gems won't just be a repeat of lingots


I seem to have missed the discussion. Who has been talking about gems and how long has this been going on? Also, if there is a change, there needs to be some accommodation for new people at Duolingo who already do not have enough lingots to do the tests that they want to do. I and others love to help the new people who need lingots. I feel bad for the ones who we don't know need them.


I am happy with Lingots! I understand them and like to see them mounting with my efforts. Sometimes I give some away also.

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Margaret287230, I find it satisfying to give them away; it lets people know their comments are appreciated.


Lingots for life

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