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(Suggestion)When will Arabic be added? (Added resources too)

I've seen lots of discussions on people requesting Arabic and lots of people have also applied to help with the Arabic course as well so I'm wondering what's holding the course back? The script shouldn't be too hard to add with there being Hindi and Hebrew. And with there being a diversity of dialects I was thinking Egyptian dialect would be a good option as it's the dialect spoken in lots of shows that people learning can watch to sort of practice their Arabic(plus it's their flag used to symbolize Arabic lmao). But if not, Lebanese dialect is also a good other option as I notice there is a lot of music in that dialect(which is a good way to practice too)? There should definitely be a poll or something on which dialect people would prefer. Egyptian or Lebanese(since MSA isn't spoken but you can always learn this after, there are lots of other resources on learning MSA) and then have people immediately start! Also, I think once you have a dialect down, It's fairly easy to pick up on another dialect. If anything, like how the Spanish course has little tips on the difference between the Latin Spanish and the Spanish Spanish, you could do that between the basic dialect groups: Maghreb, Gulf and Levantine! (With doing these little tips though, perhaps the Egyptian dialect would be a better bet as Lebanese is a Levantine dialect and Egypt falls into neither one of these groups!)

I hope my thoughts will be considered!

Some resources that I think would be helpful are below(I'm not too sure what the dialects are but I think Lebanese? Or just a Levantine dialect?? And perhaps MSA and Egyptian dialect):




http://www.languagetransfer.org/courses (They only have Arabic Intro, still helpful though, but also other languages if you're learning :) They have YouTube and sound cloud as well for you to listen to their stuff. Btw they want to add new languages so they're doing some voting, so check that out!)




July 27, 2017



I am learning Lebanese with other resources and amazing sites thanks


I can speak Arabic (Sudanese dialect). MSA might not be widely spoken but it is very important to learn, if Duolingo were to have Arabic it should definitley be MSA. Nearly every Arab country teaches MSA and the news and official documents are all in MSA.


Hi! I know that but people want to learn what they can speak and as I said above, it'll probably be easy to pick up MSA once you've got a dialect down and theirs lots of resources for it too, I believe. And words used in MSA can also be included in the little tips I suggested. :)

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