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definite article in Words list

In the list of Words learned it would be helpful to see the definite article included with each noun. This helps to associate the gender with the noun. It's particularly the case in German where the noun would be preceded by der, die or das to indicate the gender as masculine, feminine or neuter, but the idea would apply to the romance languages as well (I've only looked at German so far).

July 27, 2017



that would be helpful for Norwegian and Dutch too, because sometimes the in/definite article is sometimes not explained as well.

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mOsU3lf1, I agree with you totally!


Yes, this would be a useful feature to show the gender of nouns. I read elsewhere that it would require someone to go back and do the word list all over again. No one wants to.


Indeed ! The language app's in Microsoft's "Store" are the worst for common nouns to learn, but no Gender indicated, shown, printed ... !!

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