"He is with a whale."

Translation:El este împreună cu o balenă.

July 27, 2017

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Tossing in împreună despite never before having taught this word, in such a very strange sentence and non multiple choice exercise. Questionable.


why not simply "el este cu o balenă"?


Given that, of the three possible answers provided, only one contained the word "balenă", I was fairly confident of answering correctly. Had I not had a multiple-choice question, however, I might have suggested "El este cu o balenă". Would that have been wrong? In fact, the Romanian sentence appears to mean "He is together with a whale"; in short, is "împreună" essential in this translation?


I answered "El este cu o balenă" and it was marked as correct.


impreuna means 'together', so why not make the translation 'He is TOGETHER with a whale' to at least give us a chance? Or at the very least accept the answer 'el este cu o balena' which is surely correct anyway!


El este cu o balenă is accepted as an answer.


I have the same like others. Never learned this word and you are adding this

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