A lot of learners say that they get stuck around 63%-64% fluent forever! However, I reached 65% about a minute ago. I've been going through the learning tree 12 times in the past year, and I reached Level 25 six months ago (Apparently the level stops at 25 and is there gonna be higher levels in the future?)

Now I'm wondering what the highest percentage of fluency is! Did anyone out there ever get anything higher than 65%? How much higher can you possibly get?

July 27, 2017


I'm not sure about that but do you mind me asking if going through the tree many times helped you understand a lot more than the first or second time ?

Yeah! It definitely helped me understand a lot more than the first few times:-P So I'd for sure recommend redoing it over and over again!

I heard that sitesurf, a moderator and native French speaker, had above 70% in French. After a certain point for me, it's not time effective to move the fluency one point. The time required to do so might be better spent elsewhere, but everyone is different, so whatever you enjoy and works for you is fine.

70% is easy to reach with the reversed tree (I reached it in only 10 minutes with a placement test, and I believe I was at 72 or 73% the next day, but I have not touched it since then). However, as far as I know, it is much harder to reach with the French tree for English speakers. 65% is the highest I have heard, so far. I guess only native French speakers who speak English at a near-native level (or the opposite), and are good at grammar in both languages, are able to get to 70% (and possibly a little more).

Impressive results! Strong work! I’m a native Russian speaker, fluent in English, completed English tree in Russian in one day, got 70% fluency. French is completely foreign to me, completed the French tree for English speakers, got to 70% after 340 days. I suspect 70% is max.

You're absolutely right! There is no point getting fixated on the percentage! I wasn't doing it to get a high percentage anyway!

I was at about 64-65% after 9 months completing the French tree. Though I studied French in my senior year of college, and kept up by reading books, newspapers and BD's, I decided to go pretty slowly to blow off the cobwebs. In the two weeks following, I committed myself to doing 100 xp's of French per day, half of that from 5 goes at the "strengthen skills" button, the rest from working with a skill set selected with clues provided by the weaker end of the word list. Using the iPhone app mostly, I can run through the lessons with speed and accuracy. At the end of two weeks I am now at 69% and I can let you know if I get any higher!

Wow! That's awesome! I never studied French at all before I started with Duolingo! And I just reached 69% yesterday lol

i don't know, but i guess that your percentage can get to 100 but it takes a very long time.

68%, 492 days streak as of today!

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