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New app achievements are pretty neat!

I'd like to say that I really like the new achievements on Android. Much better than before. I like how they're tiered so we can do them for a while. Will definitely keep me busy for a while!

July 27, 2017



Bob, can you show us a screenshot? :)


They are pretty neat! I had no idea that they're only being tested. I have five golden so far. They really motivate you to practice. I hope to have the other five golden pretty soon. My favourite , which I can't wait to achieve, is "Shiny" where you need to have all 78 skills golden at the same time. I've completed my tree once before and this achievement is perfect motivation for my revision. Right now I have 38 skills golden. I'm really looking forward to seeing my entire tree golden and completing all these new achievements. Happy to be part of the test group! :) Overtime, I think that they should definitely keep upgrading the achievements.


Do you know if these are available for iPhone? I know iPhone updates usually come out first and I've heard quite a bit about achievements, but have never experienced them myself.


They're on Android.

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