"Noi măsurăm lungimea cu o riglă."

Translation:We measure the length with a ruler.

July 27, 2017

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I think the English translation is wrong, you do not use "the" in this case. It should be: "We measure length with a ruler."


As for how one would say it in English, I think both work. Omitting "the" speaks to a generalization of length and including "the" speaks to a particular length.

As for this exact translation from Romanian "lungimea" = "the length" (lungime = length; the 'a' adds 'the')

I am still learning myself so feel free to correct me; thanks for the help.


You all are right here. "Lungimea" means "length" when it refers to length in general, and it means "the length" when it refers to the length of a specific object. Without a context, my first choice would be "length" without "the".


"We measure the length..." of something specific. "We measure length..." in general.

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