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Lost interest

For a while now, I haven't been doing any lessons in German, Italian, or Spanish because I lost interest in learning them. Instead of practicing I usually play games or watch Youtube videos. Does anybody have any tips for me to stay focused on learning a language and not procrastinate? Thanks!

July 27, 2017



Think about what it was about that language that made you start learning it in the first place.

If it was the music then try listening to your favorite music in that language. Or if it was the culture read up about the history and find out new stuff about it. Rediscover your love for that language and then the motivation will come back.


Why do you want to stay focused?

To me, your post looks as if you were enjoying your other activities. There's no rule in life that you have to learn languages. In general, you may do what you want in your spare time.

So, why do you want to learn languages, why do you want to focus on that?

(BTW, with me it's a little similar: Sometimes I enjoy learning more, and sometimes less. I have my job, and everything is OK, so I learn more when I enjoy it more, and I do other things when I enjoy learning less. It looks like a natural cycle to me ...)


Find YouTube videos about or in your target languages.


Maybe you need a change from Duolingo. When I'm feeling burned out on Duo, I watch YouTube videos or read news articles or listen to the radio... basically just switch up how I learn languages.

The free video lessons on SpanishDict are really good! Maybe they'll light that spark for you: http://www.spanishdict.com/learn/courses


Thanks for the advice! :)


Personally I find learning and practicing a language to be interesting, but it doesn't sound the same for you. Maybe turn learning a language into a game, just like in some games Duolingo has levels. Maybe getting to a certain level in a game is a goal for you, you could try this for learning one of your languages. Duolingo also recently came out with tinycards, flashcards for practicing languages. I just tried them out and they're kind of fun, you could try those out! Hope this helps. -Caitryn

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