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exchange year - how much contact to people at home?

I am going to go in an exchange year to sweden in three weeks and my question is - pretty specific, i know -: if you've been in exchange too, how much contact with your friends and family at home have you had (especially in the beginning)?

July 27, 2017



You will attend an orientation and they will cover this but generally speaking, the less contact you have with English speakers, the better you will progress in your target language.


(My native language is german) I meant more like the social part:)


Oh! Your English is excellent!!! Ha ha - then the less contact you have with German speakers, the better :D You want to absorb the language, the culture, the food, the music... all of it. Have lots and lots of fun - I envy you!!


haha thanks and alright:)


I was on an exchange for four months. At the beginning, my two roommates were on Skype with their friends and families for hours a day. I really don't think it was a good idea. One of them did nothing but complain, it sounded like. One gradually reduced the amount of time she spent talking to people back home, but the other one never did, and gradually stopped going out at all, except to class, and she missed a lot of those. I phoned home once in a while, maybe once a week, and my family phoned maybe twice a week, but we kept our conversations under an hour!

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