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  5. "I know both of them."

"I know both of them."

Translation:Je connais les deux.

July 27, 2017



Would I be able to say "je connais les deux d'eux"? Or is that unnatural


No, but you can say "je connais les deux", "je les connais tous les deux", "je les connais toutes les deux".


J'en connais tous les deux?


No, sorry, this does not work. In another context, you could use "j'en connais deux" which means "I know two of them".


Je connais tous les deux.


What about "Je connais l'un et l'autre"? Does anyone think that should be accepted, or would you translate it differently?


Why is je connais tous les deux wrong? Why do you need the extra les after je in this sentence, but not on je connais les deux?


You can say:

  • Je connais les deux
  • Je les connais tous les deux
  • Je les connais toutes les deux

In the first case, "les deux" is a noun and the direct object of "connais". In the two latter cases, "tous/toutes les deux" is an adverbial phrase modifying "connais", hence the addition of the direct object pronoun "les", so that the sentence properly holds together.

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