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  5. "Er läuft mit dem Mann."

"Er läuft mit dem Mann."

Translation:He runs with the man.

March 8, 2013



Walking is not the same as running. Then how do germans differ them if both of them is laufen?


"laufen" can be "run" or "walk". "Ich gehe laufen/joggen." - " I go jogging."; "Ich fahre nicht zur Schule, sondern laufe." - "I don't drive (/go by tram/bus) to school but I walk."


When would you use "laufen" versus "rennen" for running?


Well, as in "Ich gehe laufen." No one expects you to walk if you say that.


Until now I always thought "laufen" means to run and "zu Fuß gehen" means to walk. Could we use zu Fuß gehen in this sentence instead of laufen ?


Usually, I try not o go to the "slow paced" pronunciation, but this time it was impossible. Is this sentence well pronounced?


Well yes, it sounds clear. But that's after having seen the sentence in print and also what you get on the comment section is not the same-in my opinion-as what you get on the exercise. IOW I'm no great help. Perhaps the "dem" was swallowed but again after "mit" I was expecting it. As you can see from my previous post I got it wrong the first time and had a huge mistake. I don't know how long ago that was. Sorry.


Thanks! I still think I wouldn't be able to identify that particular sound sequence in speech. It sounds something like "Er läuft midüman" to me. But perhaps after some more train, I will be able to completely identify the correct meaning for that.


i wrote "leuft" got a "pay attention to umlaut" message and no hearts confiscated!!! I'm going to report it for the sake of efficiency.

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