"Zentys issa."

Translation:She is a guest.

July 28, 2017

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Why not, "It's a guest?" Where is gender shown?


Was wondering the same thing


I have the same question. It's neutral.


Its not neutral. Issa is he or she, she was the example i typed he and i got it right


This sentence is both "He is a guest" and "She is a guest". The noun gender is neutral by default, but not necessarily so. Within a context where a woman was mentioned or is present implicitly, to say that she's a guest we would still simply say "Zentys issa" without changes. So that's a perfectly possible translation (Duo likes to vary the translated meaning when possible so you will infer that both are possible... This implicit learning can be trick for some before you understand that's what they are doing).


Yes but there is no context in this case implying any gender. It's simply "Zentys issa".


It doesn't have to be she is a guest. He is a guest also got accepted. It's just an example


This can be he/she/it is a guest

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