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my thoughts about french....

when i started here i went straight to norwegian, however for as much i liked it i had to stop it for now, i lack time and is something that i rarely will use, so i started french.

i must say that i had french on high school and back than it clicked very fast but that was on the 90's and since than it has never been used, its all in english for me.

than for my surprise relearning french now seems even more easier to me than what it was for me back than, i don't know why but i wonder if being fluent in portuguese and english is making french being super easy and too obvious to me at this point, this by taking into account that both language are heavily influenced by french and one (portuguese is closely related to french by being romance language too).

i'm glad i'm relearning it :)

July 28, 2017



it's cool :) (I'm french btw) I just LOVE learning language (like english, esperanto, polish, german spanish and italian, yes I'm just mad xD) I'm glad you like french now :)


Congratulations ! I think that your brain has improved during your différents Learnings


learning languages have always been a goal for me, i've been saying to myself "i should learn french again" but since i lack time to go study (college course,etc) i never did, until a friend of mind introduced me to duolingo. besides i've family on paris and brussels so.... i should became fluent and there is A LOT of french media on my cable tv package and netflix french movies and such :D

@AxelleLPS german is my next goal after french by wich i had german during college.

@Aiikickman yes languages is a perfect tool to develop our brain, not only we get richer in terms of culture, also helps on keep our mind sharp to counter the unvoidable downsides of aging....


You'll get followers after you have been here a while and been friendly and helpful. Also: welcome to Duolingo! I'm sorry if that sounded mean. I just don't want you to get off to a bad start.


I am actually in the same boat as you! I've been doing Norwegian, and I love it (it comes so naturally), but now have started French more seriously from high school. However, I am not finding the French course nearly as polished or helpful as the Norwegian course, which is a bummer. I hope it gets easier.

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