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I use the Russian keyboard for the Ukrainian course.

Is there anyone use the Russian keyboard for the Ukrainian course. I use.

July 28, 2017



So how do you type і, ї, є when you need them? Or duolingo just accepts your answers without those letters like it does when you have minor "typos"?


But i am the beginner so it's ok if i use the russian keyboard for the Ukrainian course :))))


They are similar but there are some characters that are different in each.


I have had to buy so many keyboards so I don't want to waste the money. That's why i use the russian keyboard instead.:)))


Actually, you don't have to buy a physical keyboard for each language. You can use an online keyboard such as Google Input Tools, Lexilogos. On Windows, you can enable the virtual keyboard, then add foreign languages to it.
Here is the link to the Russian keyboard on Lexilogos:


To get the Ukrainian keyboard or any other languages, it's very easy. Just pick from the drop-down menu.

However, for Greek, I found that Lexilogos didn't have one of the keys I needed so I found that


is better for Greek.

Google Input Tools is a browser extension that is found in the Chrome Web Store.

I used it but found it didn't type certain characters in Vietnamese, so I used Lexilogos for Vietnamese.

This website also has virtual keyboards. To get the langauges, you just choose from the menu.



Thank you so much !!!! Thank you very very much !!! It is very useful to me. i won't have to waste my money to buy those keyboards. i can learn languages every time every where now. thank you !!!

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