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After Duolingo?

Duolingo is where I first discovered my love for the German language, although I am still working toward level 25, I would like to find a course outside of Duolingo to help improve my skills. I found reading German literature and watching German films very useful, is there something else I could do additionally? Thank you!

July 28, 2017



Oh yes you can talk with some people who speak german ! Duo makes to work your vocabulary. Literature : your vocabulary and expression Movie : vocabulary, accent, expression and "ears" So that is my think. P.S : I am a french native. How do you find my English ? Correct me if I did make wrong sentence



Oh yes, you can talk with some people who speaks German!

-Duo makes you to work your vocabulary.

-Literature helps you with your vocabulary and expression(skills).

-Movie helps you with your vocabulary, accent, expression and listening(skills).

So that's what i think.

P.S.S: am i wrong? i'm a native Spanish speaker.


"Oh yes, you can talk with some people who speak German!"

"People" is plural, so it would remain "speak".

"Duo helps to strengthen your vocabulary."

The sentence could be entirely changed to sound smoother in many ways, but this is just one way I came up with.


That's nice to know, thank you!


Another good site after Duolingo is Clozemaster.com.


Your next best step would be to actually start communicating with other German speakers. If you live in a major city, you could look for German meetup groups. There are often groups that are for, or that allow, beginners. You could also see if there is a German Cultural Center in your city (less likely unless you're in a pretty large city). They often offer language courses for much cheaper than you could find at a university or a goethe institute.


Like Ontalor, I recommend Clozemaster. It consists of sentences where you fill in the missing word. Like Duolingo and Memrise, it has both an app and a website.

There's also the podcast, Slow German with Annik Rubens. She has transcripts of each episode on her website.


Listen to postcads, audiobooks but more important start SPEAKING. Find some people to skype with and just talk about anything. You gotta practice.


Thanks everyone. I have been reading 'Die Geschichte der Bienen' which is a great story and I recommend it to anyone. The disadvantage to literature as it is written in präteritum which is not used in everyday speaking. I have spent a couple of months in Germany and I have loved it! and also made plenty of German friends who I contact regularly. I am working towards my C1 and A level.

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