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Where to next?

Three months almost to the day (26th April 2017 to 28th July), and I have completed the French Tree with a fluency rating of 49%. Now what do I do? Keep on revising?

I certainly do not feel 49% fluent! I joined a club today, but it isn't at all clear to me how to participate in it, and I haven't found any guidance on that yet, either.

Does anyone have a wise word for me?


July 28, 2017


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Step it up and start running! Depending on which direction you want to grow, you could:

  1. Improve your vocabulary (I use Memrise for that),
  2. Start reading French articles/books (many free sources on line); translate Fr-En and En-Fr (Immersion used to be a great Duolingo feature, sigh :-( ),
  3. Start listening (lots of French movies and/or radio stations on line),
  4. Converse in French; you do need to find the right people for that (sorry I have not used clubs to know how efficient/effective they are in this area),
  5. A great list of resources can be found at: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23462458

HTH, Daniel.


Thanks for your practical advice, Daniel. I have been using Memrise and reading French novels (I can manage children's books comfortably, but more complex books continue to frustrate me); I have turned my GPS to give road directions in French (which annoys my wife no end). I thought joining a club might let me have some interactions in French, but so far that hasn't panne out. I appreciate your encouragement and will plug on. David

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Well, my DL En-Fr fluency level is 14%. That number is a joke. In real life, I am a high C1 (80-90%). So, I would not worry about DL numbers; it sounds like you are on the right path! Bon courage!


Merci, Daniel. Je me demande ce que signifie le %...

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Si tu cherche les Discussions avec le mot "fluency", tu dois trouver plusieurs la-dessus.


I think you keep learning the language to keep the streak and achieve 100% proficiency in the language you are learning. If you do not want to continue, you can learn another language.


Oh, I don't want to quit - but having completed the last lesson on the tree, ad having all the lessons gold, I am really looking for some direction; do I just redo the different lessons? Is there some systematic way I can work to progress? Should I be looking for something outside Duo, and if so, what?


If your fluency is less than the half of 100% it doesn't mean you go slow. Duo just wants you to keep on strengthening and learning skills. Improve your language, strengthen as much as possible and don't give up!


Yes, Miriam, but HOW does DL want me to strengthen and learning? It isn't obvious to me how I strengthen whatever skills I have learnt; what do you suggest?


Je n'ai pas essayé la pratique chronométrée encore. Je vais commencer cela aujourd'hui, peut-être. Je n'aime pas cela, mais....

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