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I don't know if i can ask this question or not??

there is one of French teacher posted here some links or resources to pronunciation& learn french by websits news and another I saved it in bookmarks but was disapper so If anyone know it please put link .

July 28, 2017



Whenever a thread starts getting voted down and you want to keep following it, click on the big green button 'Follow discussion' above the title of the discussion. Unless it gets deleted by the original poster or a moderator, you will be able to see it in the 'Follow' tab of the Discussion page, even when it is hidden from the main discussion list because of too many negative votes.

Threads get hidden at -5 and comments at -3.


Also, if you remember the title, or several words from it, you can search for this discussion. If you remember a sequence of words, you can type them between (double) quotation marks in the search box, it will be more efficient.

For instance, for this discussion, if you remember that MikeNolan6 wrote in the comments "tyranny of the minority", you can type that in the search box (do not forget the quotation marks for a better result) and you will instantly find this discussion. A few common words from the title will bring too many results to find the thread, though.

This system works for hidden threads too. You can look for "the ethics of duolingo" and you will find a thread which is -7.

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I think this is what you're looking for.


amazing this is I'm looking for give you lingot thanks.


Welcome to the tyranny of the minority, where a small handful of Duolingo members can cause a thread to vanish from sight!


The goal is to let the users eliminate spam, but yes, there is some abuse.

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