"Garbage were collected"

Translation:Takataka zilizolewa

July 28, 2017

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I have to come back to my earlier remark. Both the Swahili text and the translation now seem perfectly fine to me. As I'm not following this course, I didn't know the verb "ku-zoa" = to gather up, whether liquids like spilled milk or rubbish. Therefore, seeing the "zilizo" part, I immediately thought of the relative infix plural of the N-Group (takataka), "zi-li-zo" meaning "they which ...". This was supported by the fact that "ku-lewa" is also a verb = to be drunk. Of course, this verb doesn't make any sense with an inanimate object. But looking at the verb "ku-zoa", which in the prepositional form is "ku-zolea" and in the passive form "ku-zolewa", it does make sense: "zi-li-zolewa" = they were gathered up, or they were collected, so after all the translation seems quite all right to me.


It says the answer is zolewa but that is used to describe the impossible situation of collecting a liquid

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