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Keeping a streak Garder une série

ive seen alot of people keeping all of these french streaks like 300 day streaks 600 day streaks but i can never do it! not even 20 days. how do you do it!?

J'ai vu beaucoup de personnes garder toutes ces chaînes françaises comme 300 jours de rayures de 600 jours, mais je ne peux jamais le faire! Pas même 20 jours. comment faites-vous!?

July 28, 2017


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Make an effort to go on Duolingo at a certain time everyday. Maybe wake up a quarter of a hour earlier, or part of your lunch break or before you go to bed. I go to work early and I usually have at least half an hour which I really enjoy, so much so that I dip in and out at other times throughout the day.


The committed people who are capable of maintaining a streak for that long of a period of time are very dedicated learners who make a lot of effort to learn some each day with Duolingo. To keep a streak for that long, you must be extremely passionate about learning. A streak is a source of motivation for me; it's something that keeps me staying, simply to learn another language. Finding a source of motivation and a passion for a language will help you a long your journey.


We do not really have a word for 'streak' (like in 'scoring streak') in French (at least in France, because the French Canadians have probably found a solution, either by using 'streak' or a French word of their choice or invention). 'Série' is rather close, 'chaîne' is not too bad, but 'rayure' is not a good translation (it is not even a good translation for streaks on windows). In France, we have to rephrase completely. It can be really hard.

Example: 'I have just lost my 300-day streak on Duolingo.' We could say: 'J'ai été actif pendant 300 jours consécutifs sur Duolingo mais ma série vient de s'arrêter' or 'Ma série de 300 jours d'activité consécutifs sur Duolingo vient de s'arrêter'.

Also, it is not a 'French streak', since it does not get broken if you work on French a day and on another language the next day. It is a Duolingo streak.

To answer your question: try buying a 'streak freeze' in the Lingot Store. I lost a 64-day streak two months ago, so I am now using a streak freeze. A couple of times in the last 63 days, I only remembered Duolingo at 23:59 and finished a quick lesson at 0:01, too late for the streak, but fortunately I had a streak freeze in place (you have to buy a new one every time you lose it, and you do not get notified that you have lost it, so keep an eye on it). I do not feel guilty for using a streak freeze, since every time I have needed one, I was only one minute late. I was not taking a day off from Duolingo.


i don't know but it seems impossible to do.


thanks for answering my question guys. i was trying google translation to see if it worked and it obviously isn't very reliable except for basics. im a begginer so cut me some slack ;)


also for most of you thanks for being undestanding that well i am a begginer in this. for those of you who were alittle critical and who were all like oh shes not scholarly! lighten up who cares!

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