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Has the progress quiz been removed?

Hey everyone. Just wondering if there still is a progress quiz or if it has been removed. Thanks.

July 28, 2017



It's been removed. They haven't said why, but my guess is because they're trying to become more legitimate. They already have a very respectable English certification (https://englishtest.duolingo.com/).


Wish they hadn't though. Actually enjoyed the test ... -.-


Interesting guess. Along with being more legitimate perhaps it is also tied-into the monetization of the product. Maybe they will release certifications in other languages on par with that of English and with the same cost???

I would definitely like a certification test and I would be willing to pay for it. I would also like to continue being able to use the progress quiz for what it is, a way to measure and record my progress. In relation to being more legitimate, perhaps they will remove the option of posting the progress score quiz to social media if they ever bring it back.


I hadn't thought of the monetization aspect but that's a good observation. I'd like to see them release certifications in other languages, also.


According to this article in Duolingo's Help Center, the progress quiz is under consideration, but the staff are focusing on creating more popular items in the lingot store.

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