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Can Duolingo put the Bots (which are in Spanish, French, German and Portuguese) in Every Course?

July 28, 2017



I think it probably takes special effort for each language, so it might be difficult. It would be good, though.

For that matter, it would be good if they finally got the bots on the web version, I suppose. Or on Android, if they're not there yet (I only use web, myself).


I would like bots on every course and on the website, but audio is needed, which is missing on Swahili, High Valyrian, Vietnamese, and maybe some others that I forgot (I haven't tried every course). Also, courses with human-recorded audio would be harder to make bots for.


>no audio on High Valyrian

what a world we live in


What are those bots? I'm taking Spanish and German course and never saw one


I believe they are only on iPhones, or on Apple devices, anyway. They're little characters with whom you can chat in the languages, as a way to practice these languages if you don't have a human friend who speaks them. Or so I think; I own an Android device, so I have never used them, either.

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