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I enjoyed the tests Duo used to do for the price of 25 lingots. Why have they now ceaced to be?

July 28, 2017



The progress test was removed with the new website rewrite, which everyone has now been moved to:


  • Under consideration; progress quiz

Based on what the article stated, my prediction is that the progress test won't be brought back, simply because the staff would rather focus on more popular shop items.


i agreed. Wish they would put them back.


They didn't explain, but I suspect that widespread cheating had something to do with it. Users complained that they wanted to see the correct answers after taking the progress quiz. But if Duolingo did that, users would be able to save the questions, study them and artificially inflate their quiz scores by "studying to the test." With millions of users, there likely were some enterprising cheaters who recorded the questions and passed them around. After all, people do this in school.


And? Nobody else can see your scores anyway. It's like cheating in a single-player game. There are no leaderboards, prizes or anything else, so who cares if people cheat?


It's used in schools.


The leaderboards for school groups track XP. There has been nothing to make schools use the progress quizzes for anything, and they likely haven't, since that would require every student manually entering their scores. Having a feature you don't use doesn't do any harm.

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