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  5. "学校はこっちですか?"


Translation:Is the school this way?

July 28, 2017



Is the school over here. But it corrected me with 'this way'. Both are acceptable translations for the new word?


No, over here would be koko (here) or soko (there) or asoko( over there) depending inwherr it is (English uses here a bit ambiguously). Kocchi is specificaly 'this way'.


There are at least 3 ways to translate kocchi. 1. Here, 2, this 3. this way. Without context. "Is this the school?" are "Is the school here?" schould also be correct.


Right. I said, "Is this the school." I assume there are two buildings. It marked me wrong.


"Is this the school" - still marked wrong as of 2020/6/25


I still remember Yachiru shouting to Ichigo「こっち!こっち!」 right from Kenpachi's back! :)


Ha always loved when they used こつち こつち


"Is this the way to school?" can my answer be considered?


I answered exactly the same thing.


There is another sentence: その建物はこっちです。

"The building is this way." is marked wrong and the correct answer is "The building is over here."

Please be consistent, duolingo!


Can my answer 'Which way is the school?' accepted?


I don't think so, that would be 「学校はどっちですか?」, note the ど instead of こ!

  • こ = close to you (="Is the school this way?")
  • そ = close to the listener ("Is the school that way?" / -"your way?")
  • あ = away from both (this still means "Is the school that way?", but in a path further away from both)
  • ど = unsure (="Which way leads to the school?")

But again, this exercise uses こ.


Thank you. Have 10 lingots (I'm bored).

[deactivated user]

    I wrote that too but I think for 'which way' there might need to be a 何 in there?


    I wrote "Is this way the school" and it said, "No, it's 'Is the school this way'"... Same thing?


    "Is this way the school" doesn't actually make any sense. That would technically mean that you are asking if the "path" that you are pointing out is the school, which doesn't make any sense, and does not mean the same thing as "is the school this way".


    Why is there 'tsu' in between 'ko' and 'ra'. Imiwakaranai


    A small つ in between symbols (better term?) means to sort of 'carry over' the pronunciation of the second symbol (?). So, こっち is pronounced kocchi.

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