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  5. "Uma xícara de leite."

"Uma xícara de leite."

Translation:One cup of milk.

March 8, 2013



why is it not - um copo de leite


It could be, but copo de leite is better translated as glass of milk.


So is this about right (please correct if at all wrong): xícara is like a plastic cup, paper cup, any old casual non-glass cup, while copo is literally the word for glass cup! Obrigado.


'Um xícara de leite'. But, actually 'Copo' is correct. Since I reported the error.


That depends if this is a recipe and they need "a cup of milk". http://dictionary.reverso.net/portuguese-english/xicara http://michaelis.uol.com.br/moderno/ingles/definicao/ingles-portugues/cup%20_439544.html

http://dictionary.reverso.net/portuguese-english/copo http://michaelis.uol.com.br/moderno/ingles/definicao/ingles-portugues/glass%20_453519.html

The problem is that in English we might call a glass a cup, but do we really call a cup a glass? I think it might be similar in Portuguese. If a recipe calls for half a cup of milk, you will not be using the Portuguese word "copo" as it is a false friend which means "glass" or container to put a drink in, rather than the measure of 8 ounces in a cup.



In potuguese a cup is maked of glass or plastic or other. No defined measure.


I only drink my milk out of a glass. Yes, "copo" would work for that. I use a measuring cup to measure milk for a recipe which is closer in size to a teacup. ("copo" does not work for that? or does it? I thought it was "xicara" for that.) What do you use to measure milk for a recipe?

Ah, here, I found something: http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-portuguese/measuring%20cup Yet the examples all seem to be talking about the kind of small cup that comes to measure medicine or for other medical purposes. I am looking for the kind used for recipes, but then Brazil is on the metric system so they don't measure in ounces or cups.

Here they are using "xícara" for 8 oz cup in a recipe: http://www.ideiasereceitas.com/bolo-de-chocolate-com-cobertura-de-chocolate-2/


I think the US has a standard cup for use with measures. In Brazil using 'copo' or 'xícara' whatever, there is no one with standard measurement. But there's a very common 'copo' all over the country, called 'Copo Americano' http://www.allmix.ind.br/upload/projeto/2010030_gr.jpg then is used as unofficial reference. When you want to spend an accurate measurement using the kilos or liters system, even in the kitchen.


Why is it "one cup of nilk" and not "a cup of milk"?


Hi, does anyone have an answer for this question?


Both options are correct.


when do we use 'de' and 'com'? e.g. 'uma xícara de leite' versus 'uma xícara com leite'


I think de is of and com is with.


so what's the difference between xícara and copo? i sill don't get it after reading the comments.


"xícara" is "cup" and "copo" is "glass". It'd be easier if "copo" was "cup", but it's not...


"xícara" or "chávena" is what you use to drink tea or to heat the milk in the microwave.

"copo" is what you normally use to drink water, is made of glass (almost all the times) and does not have an arm (what i mean by the arm is that support for the hand).

P.S.: I hope that i have helped, and i'm sorry for my english... it's still improving!


I wrote " One cup with milk" but it was not accepted. Why?


I also wonder why it is "One cup.." and not "A cup.." ?

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