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Paid to speak German!

First things first: language learning is hard work - I started the German duolingo course in 2014 and have studied for hundreds of hours and did a language course in Germany as well. (Official level: C1)

But crazy news: I have been offered a job where I get paid to speak to German clients! It's a bilingual role, the interview was partly in German and had a translation exercise and it was totally fine! I'm proud and surprised and excited O:

Does anyone else wanna work with German/in Germany??

July 28, 2017



I live as an Ausländer in Germany and work in a customer-facing role where I have to speak to customers both in-person and on the telephone. This is sometimes enormously frustrating because even though my German is usually pretty good, there are inevitably moments where I am not quite able to clearly express what I want to express, or even worse, don't quite understand what the customer is trying to say. Most of the time it goes all right, but I have had some embarrassing moments where I can tell the customer is getting annoyed with me and their patience is wearing thin. It's all in a day's work, though; I guess I can't be doing too badly since I haven't gotten fired for it yet, and I've been doing it for a couple of years already. My boss tells me that my German is perfect, but I know he is just being kind on this point.

Congratulations on landing the job! I realize that exact details about where the job is (geographically and what company it is) may be private, but can you tell us a bit more about the nature of the work and what exactly you will be talking to customers about?


It's like a business-to-business situation so it's not really members of the public, which I think I prefer. Basically building relationships with professionals. And because it's in England I can always speak English within the team!


Awesome. Congratulations again. When I took my B2-level German exam a few years ago, my results came back in an envelope which said "Deutsch öffnet Türen". You're living proof that this is true after all. ;)


Congratulations! Well done!! You have put in the long hours of study and now you are reaping the rewards of your effort. You deserve to be proud, surprised and excited; you have earned it! I am very happy for you and wish you well in your dream job. I have been studying German with DuoLingo for about 7 or 8 months now and am finding it tough going fitting my studies into an already busy daily schedule, but I will not go to bed until I have done my lessons. I wish to complete my tree, learn from other sites and revise, revise, revise and hopefully have enough German to get me around in Germany when I go to follow my Family History trail sometime in the next couple of years.


Congratulations!, and of course I would like to work with German / in Germany. Becoming a translator / interpreter is my dream job, and hopefully I can achieve that goal someday. I wish you luck with your new job!


Same here, I am going to work in sales/marketing/customer care very soon, either in Belgium or Poland. So knowing German would always be a big plus. Aside from English, German is the only language that I genuinely enjoy learning so it helps me to progress a lot. It feels good to know that it's possible to reach a C1 level in only three years. Congratulations !

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Herzliche Glückwünsche!


Well done and good luck in your new role!


Congratulations! German is a rather difficult language, I cannot imagine myself having a C1 level on it (unless I work as hard as you did of course) I wish you the best on your new job! Good luck!


WOW, congrats!! C1 is great.


Keep going. Good luck:!


Where did you get the job?? I speak fluent German since I have spent 3.5 years in Germany and my wife is German. She wants to move back to Germany. We're both completely bilingual at this point.

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