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Do you have a plan to study languages?

Like, do you create a timetable and stick to it or do you do likelike me and just study whatever language whenever you feel like it? My approach is not very effective... What has worked best for you?

July 28, 2017



I am learning for fun at the moment, but I still do a little bit every day and never all the languages you see above, usually between 1 and 5. I mainly use Duolingo and Memrise.

What you should do really depends on what your goals are and how much free time you have to devote to language. How many languages do you want to learn, how well do you want to learn each one and how fast would you ideally like to do it?

When I was doing my degree in Spanish and Portuguese, in addition to my course work, I tried to find as many chances as I could to speak to people both in person and online and I listened to my languages in the form of music very frequently. I devoted large chunks of my time to it and it took a few years per language with some overlap, though there was some study abroad involved.

If you are in no rush, what you are doing is fine. If you have particular goals, I would try to come up with something more concrete. If you tell us your goals, we can give more advice.


I study multiple languages a day. Sometimes if I feel too frustrated with one language ( or I don't feel as motivated that particular day ), I might hold it off ( although not completely ) and focus more on another language.

I sort of have a schedule, which is do Doulingo for each language ( the ones that are available at least, for the others I read a book ), and watch a video for practicing my compression skills in each language. Sometimes, I might finish my studies rather quickly, while sometimes I might take up most of my free-time focusing on a challenging aspect of the language. Wether it be challenging grammar or memorizing extra vocabulary.


I have languages that I focus on more (Hungarian, German, Italian and to some extent Esperanto), because I have stronger reasons to be learning them. The others I do on the side when I feel like I want to learn some more. In terms of how much I do, it depends on my mood. I do however much I feel like doing at that time. I attempt to complete at least one skill a day in at least one language, that sort of goal motivates me more but at the same time isn't unattainable enough to stress me out. On average I say I get around 120xp a day, sometimes more sometimes a tiny bit less, so that's around 12 lessons or 2 full skills in total.


I usually pick one or two languages to focus on and try to do that for a while. I might squeeze in a few here and there or practice other ones that I already learn a little of but for the most part I try to maintain a focus.


I usually alternate between my two courses by the day, and might do a quick look at a previous lesson for the other language.


Yes, I'm mainly focusing on Spanish and just a little Japanese. But once I get fairly good with Spanish I will definitely make Japanese my main. But I couldn't personally focus on several languages but rather one main language at a time. =(

As far as having a routine. I spend about an hour or more learning each day. I use this site, a grammar book, and a beginners Spanish book of stories (which is difficult but I find it easier to memorize vocabulary and practice tenses).


Me, I just study French whenever I have the free time and energy. No real timetable, and I don't study any other languages.


I have a study plan for Russian, but I study Spanish whenever, since I already have to speak it everyday anyways ;)


I just study any of them whenever I want to.

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