Fasolki - piosenki dla dzieci

Something to brighten up your weekend! My friend recommended these to help me with my Polish pronunciation. My friend's godfather held a name day party for his wife; my performance of 'Ogórek' was a huge hit. Here are the lyrics, courtesy of

Wesoło jesienią w ogródku na grządce,
Tu ruda marchewka tam strączek,
Tu dynia jak słońce, tam główka sałaty,
A w kącie ogórek wąsaty.

Ogórek, ogórek, ogórek,
Zielony ma garniturek,
I czapkę i sandały,
Zielony, zielony jest cały.

Czasami jesienią na grządkę w ogrodzie,
Deszczowa pogoda przychodzi,
Parasol ma w ręku, konewkę ma z chmurki,
I deszczem podlewa ogórki.


July 28, 2017


Thanks. The video link with the child singing this song is adorable : ) I wonder is this a ( very) rough English translation of this song? :

Merrily Fall in the garden on the garden (bed ?),

Here a redhead carrot, there a pod,

Here the pumpkin like the sun, there's a head of lettuce And in the corner a whiskered ( or pickled?) cucumber

Cucumber, cucumber, cucumber , Has a green suit, And cap and sandals,

Green, green, is all

Sometimes in the autumn on the garden (bed? ) in the garden,

Rainy weather comes, has an umbrella in hand, a watering can from clouds Rain watering the cucumbers

July 29, 2017

Your translation looks great to me, there are some words in the song I've not encountered anywhere before. It'll be a good excuse to check out my old Collins dictionary :-)

July 29, 2017

Thanks again Mr. Daniel for providing this cute song / learning tool. (And thank goodness for dictionaries and translation apps! : )

July 29, 2017

A whiskered cucumber ? Lol

July 29, 2017

I know , I know : ) ....the word "wasaty" ( please excuse the lack of an accent mark on the a) I found could be defined as mustached, whiskered, or pickled. I figured pickled cucumber would make sense but the song also described the cucumber as a having a green suit, cap, and sandals so then I thought "whiskered" could apply...? It is a fun little ditty though ; )

July 29, 2017

I've added a bit about wyliczanki and rymowanki in another comment. It'll be somewhere on this post!

August 4, 2017

Thanks. I'll check it out.

August 4, 2017

Here's something similar and fun, for young'uns.

Rymowanki dla dzieci and you can check out this too wyliczanka.

and a sample from the first link...

Idzie, idzie stonoga a tu... noga!
Idzie, idzie malec a tu... palec!
Idzie, idzie koń a tu... dłoń!
Leci, leci sowa a tu... głowa!
Leci, leci kos a tu...nos!

August 4, 2017
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