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My sugestions to improve our english!

hey duolingo travellers , this is my suggestion to improve our english at the day by day. First, to improve our listen, use this site http://www.newsinlevels.com/ this site is about many news around in the world. Second, to improve our reading, use this site http://www.experienceproject.com/ this is my favorite site, because are many people talking about your lifes and many events about these lifes. Third use this site to learn more about english, there are many classes in several leves. Its is so funny my favorite teacher is Ronnie she is the best!!!! try you too, i dont have doubts that you will have fun too. And for the last but do not less important: if you do not understand words written here please use this powerfull site: https://translate.google.com.br/ this site helps me at all moments. Well this is my sugestion. But i need your sugestions too, I am in search for a sites that i can improve my conversation and my writing, if you have these sugestions please help-me, that is all folks, thank you for to read my tips. Hugs!!!!!!

March 27, 2014

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This text is easy to understand, it doesn't need the "google translater". Thanks for the suggestions! Look and try this site: "http://lingualeo.com/r/92coe7" It have an amazing chat!


Cara, se é muito louco, você escreveu tudo em inglês. Faz a tradução em português e espanhol também. Igual esse post. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2317325


Understand English for me it is easier spoken than written. Thanks for the suggestions, I have a lot to train if I want to move to a next stage in real life. Hugs!

E eu entendi que vocês escreveu em inglês pra ajudar até mesmo quem está treinando a lingua. Usando o Google Tradutor ou não, o texto ficou legal. Li todo e entendi tbm hehe.


Very interesting your links. I like very much the site www.eslpod.com, this is a blog in english to people who wants to learn.


Try to study in Bussu It's a good site to improve a lot of languages! :)

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