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What Are The Best French Movies Or TV Shows That I Should Watch To Improve My French?

July 28, 2017



First of all it is not important to find a french movie you can watch an american movie but transleted to french it is really helpful . Me i'm moroccan , our second langage is french so we started studying it really early but i cant deny that if i weren't watching some animation movies im sure i would not be able to speak french as i do now , anyway the movies that helped me a lot even if they are a little childish are harry potter in french of couse , winx club , alice au pays des merveilles ..


I agree--it doesn't have to be a French movie You can choose an English language movie that has French dubbing and/or subtitles. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Ratatouille in French (with English subtitles) and I recall that I solidified some vocabulary and also picked up a few new words from that film. I would suggest picking an English language movie that you know well and watching it first with French dubbing and English subtitles, then French dubbing and French subtitles, and then again with just French dubbing.


Ah, Ratatouille was quite excellent! I would actually suggest listening to the French first, and try to challenge myself to catch words I would recognize and associate sounds with the English dubbing. Our teacher in school did this.


Where can I watch English movies with French dubbing and English subtitles?

I just found a page where they have English movies with French dubbing but no subtitles at all? Should I just go for it like that? xD

Honestly, I learned english like that.


Many (if not most) DVD's sold in the US these days include 2nd language dubbing track options that you can select. The choices often include Spanish, French, German, and other languages. Unfortunately, I can't explain to you how to select these options from your remote because I'm just a regular geek (not a techno geek.)


Here is a playlist of foreign films with mostly french movies, some that are easier than others. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcdsPROJYeL5_VznE07mb87R9Y7qPLWEE

also I recommend googling some french movies to improve your french,

Extra French is a good show that is all on youtube that will help your french, designed to do that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaNqp4FXh-s


I'd like to second the recommendation for the "Extr@" series on YouTube.


I would also recommend some French Youtube channels. Cyprien is a very famous comedy Youtuber who makes short films with subtitles in French and English. Doc Seven is an educational Youtuber who makes lots of list videos and also some other formats. Most but not all of his videos have French subtitles and a few have English subtitles. Français avec Pierre is a channel specifically for French learners where Pierre and his wife Noémie do some short lessons on certain themes in what I find a casual and entertaining way. All of their videos have French subtitles.


I just checked cyprien and it's very very good. Thank you for the suggestion


Your bio doesn't indicate what country you're from, but if you're in Canada or USA then "French in Action" is excellent. It's an older series (80's?) meant to teach French, so it's not exactly a movie/TV series but they don't use any English (other than the intro to each show). It is very, very good. http://www.learner.org/resources/series83.html

Also not a TV show or movie, but another excellent resource, is RFI Savoirs. They have news clips with transcripts and quizzes to test your understanding, and some video, and even some series - I'm currently working my way through a detective story. You can pick by the type of activity you want to do, by the level of difficulty, etc. I find it confusing to navigate but the content is well worth it. https://savoirs.rfi.fr/en/about-rfi-savoirs

To (finally) get right to your question, I just watch my regular DVDs with the French soundtrack enabled. I start with French subtitles and try to eventually work my way to no subtitles. If I get hopelessly lost then I switch to English subtitles but I try to avoid this because I find myself "reading" the movie instead of listening to it.


In school, we watched "Le Petit Nicolas" and "Un Vie de Chat" (A Cat in Paris). They were quite enjoyable, I suggest you try them! They are children's movies, and I'm not sure what genre you would prefer, but just a thought. :)


I would recommend those too, they are pretty easy to help learn basic concepts...


On YouTube, I like to watch "Comme une Française", Géraldine explains very well everyday situations, cultural vocabulary and "non so scholar" (but not swearing) words with a very cute french accent (And yes I'm French, but still, I find it interesting).

As for shows or movies, if you want to hear the right pronunciation, I would suggest some classics, like "La Belle et la Bête" de Jean Cocteau (from 1946), "Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain", "La Môme" (La Vie en Rose ; Edith Piaf songs included). Don't hesitate to put on the subtitles if your level requires it. If you want to watch movies with a more colloquial French and tons of jokes and cultural references, I'd suggest "Astérix et Obélix, Mission Cléopâtre". I also like "Il était une fois la vie", it's an animated cartoon of around 25 episodes were you learn how the human body works, so you will get some vocabulary out of this one.

And you can of course put the French audio version of your favorite movies on DVDs if you have them. I find it's easier to watch something you already know cause it takes off the pressure of not understanding the plot, you already know what happens and can concentrate on the vocab =) For instance, with books, I read Harry Potter in English as soon as they were released, and months later got the French versions. And now, as soon as my Welsh level will allow it, I'll buy it in Welsh (and probably should do the same for Italian and Spanish).

In any case : Bon courage, et amuse-toi bien !


J'ai regardé comme une française et je l'aime beaucoup. Merci pour la suggestion

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