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Stories for rewards!

Welcome to the 84th Weekly Lingots for Stories! You write a story in a language you are learning and post it in this thread, it's corrected by someone who's a native of or fluent in that language and you will get 1-7 lingots depending on how good your story is (considering points like orthography, vocabulary, grammar, style, execution of task and your current level). There's a new Lingots for Stories every week (I usually upload the thread on Sunday or Monday) so try to write your story before the next L4S has been uploaded.

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Your stories are checked by:

Chinese: JingF1 Danish: mads-limes Dutch: sheldolina English: ACatterpillar, Aietra, machaelajean, mizinamo Esperanto: toOliya French: checknorisk, panagiotists13, Prol3psis Finnish: HollyShort2 German: Abendbrot, Criculann, mizinamo Greek: panagiotists13 Hungarian: JuditBondar Irish: toOliya Italian: d.batta Japanese: Byrdman21 Korean: Byrdman21 Latin: ACatterpillar Norwegian: fveldig Polish: M4rt4a Portuguese: gabzerbinatoEng Romanian: zenith. Russian: toOliya Spanish: Diego_Cancelinha, KitabAlAzif, G2DIPI_true, Gump_lawl Swedish: KitabAlAzif, MalinSkarl Vietnamese: TranVanHaiNam If you want to help correcting, please fill out this application form. Our goal is to have around 1-3 checkers per language, depending on popularity.

List of all previous L4S (thank you, zenith.)

This week's subject: Dragons! At some point in our lives, probably most of us were (or still are) fascinated by these fantastic creatures. Just look at the sheer amount of them in popular literature like the ones from A Song of Ice and Fire or Eragon and countless examples from children's stories. Not to forget how often we meet them even in our everyday as paintings or sculptures. Write your own dragon story. Or write when and where you meet dragons in your life. Or anything else you associate with them. It's up to you. Try to write at least 80 words but but you can always write more for even more practice.

If you have a suggestion for next week's Lingots for Stories' topic, tell me please.

Have fun writing stories in foreign languages!

July 28, 2017



French: Il y avait un petit garçon qui était très malicieux. Il aimait pester son grand-père, mais son grand-père était un homme méchant. Un jour, le petit garçon fallait quelque chose très mauvais. Il craquait un œuf sur la tête de son grand-père. Son grand-père était furieux. Il a battu le derrière du petit garçon. Le petit garçon ne fallait pas jamais quelque chose mauvais encore.

I don't really need editing. I had somebody correct it for me, this is the rough draft though. It's from a while back. I just thought I'd share it.


It will be corrected soon! Thank you for posting this.


Estaba esperando para la clase terminé cuando un gran dragón caminó en la puerta. Todos los estudiantes tenían mierdo y yo pensaba que el dragon quiero nos matar pero él solo dijo ' quiero aprender español ' así que la profesora dijo 'por favor sentarte'. Ahora él dragón aprende español con nosotros y es mi amigo mejor. El dragón se llamo John y yo no tengo más ideas pero solo tengo 50 palabras debuqi


It will be corrected soon! Thank you for posting this.


Français: Il était une fois qu'il y avait une jeune fille qui espérait aller explorer le cosmos. Ses parents ont lui dit qu'elle peut faire tout les choses, si elle le veut assez. Elle se sont appelée Claudie. Elle a travaillé beaucoup à l'école, elle a étudié la biologie et médecine au université et elle sont devenue un scientifique. Aprés beaucoup beaucoup effort, l'ESA a accepté Claudie, et elle sont devenue la prémier astronaute femme de la France! Son voyage était sur le Soyuz à l'ISS.


This is a copy and paste of the 84th Lingots for Stories from a year or so ago.


The last Lingots for Stories was the 106th:


I don't think anybody's stories are getting corrected.


I think you may be right

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