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Repeat lessons

Hi Duolingo personnel - I've not felt like doing much Duolingo lately, after practically obsessing over it for several weeks, and I think I've figured out why.

Being alerted that previous lessons need to be redone to keep the brain trained is great, and I fully understand the purpose - but there are times when it just becomes overwhelming. There are times when just missing a day or two seems to result in so many previous lesson circles losing the lovely completion coloring. This is usually then compounded by having to choose a few minutes to try to progress with new lessons, or trying to regain completed status on the others.

Whether with my Spanish or Dutch, I don't much feel like I need to do the very basic lessons at all anymore, but there they are, tormenting me to be redone. What I would love to see, as a result of this, is higher level lessons also giving more completion back on those previous lessons upon which the higher lesson depends. I think this could go a long way to keeping people like me energized, rather than overwhelmed.

Thanks for reading...

July 28, 2017



Keeping your skills gold is optional. Some people are obsessed with keeping every skill golden but it is not essential. Just try those skills gold that YOU know you need to practise.


You might want to take a look at here for pointers on keeping your tree gold:

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