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Will old courses ever get the new alphabet feature like Japanese?

What I mean by this is the flashcard activities that were introduced in the Japanese course have already been talked about as being under consideration for Hindi and maybe even Korean. So is there any chance older courses that teach a new alphabet will eventually have this feature as an option? I think it would be great if the courses like Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian, and Greek got these new flashcard features, but if the teams for those courses are no longer active or because they are old courses, will they never get the flashcard feature?

July 29, 2017



Honestly I think that would be a really useful thing to have. It's most useful for the Japanese course, though, because you get both kana flashcards and flashcards where you match the kana to the kanji. Additionally learning the alphabet of Russian or Greek is much easier than actually learning how to read the actual language, you just have to google search the whole table. Same with kana but there's so many characters when it come to syllabaries and abuguidas that flashcards are handy there. So short answer of mine is; perhaps not in the near future because they're trying to teach scripts that aren't true alphabets with the flashcard method. Look on Memrise or TinyCards and you can see plenty of courses/decks that have flashcard-like teaching of the Russian alphabet among many others.


I think many people probably don't know about Tinycards if they are using Duolingo for the first time. And I hate to suggest to people already a little uncertain about their capability and confidence to learn another language that they have to download 2-3 or even 4 different apps. Because when they hear that. They just give up. I understand you can't learn a language entirely through Duolingo. But the more we can rely on just Duolingo and Duolingo alone for the beginner level. The better off it will be. The alphabet is one of those little things that would be really easy to teach within Duolingo with this new exercise system and that would kill reliance on other apps for learning the alphabets. And it may help someone unsure of their ability to succeed in language learning feel a lot more confident within the first couple of lessons of Duolingo. (As they will have learned to read a new alphabet in the fun Duolingo way and already have the noticable improvement of being able to read). The shorter the alphabet the all more simple it would be to add it to the course via just a lesson or two in the beginning.


The Greek team is one of the most active on Duolingo. The most active Russian contributor has expressed that the current alphabet skill was a tack-on in lieu of a more functional system.

I'm suspecting they'll make use of new functionality if made available. Wouldn't be surprised if nothing moves until after Japanese is actually available on the web, though.


Yeah. If something like that comes I'll b sure to check it out. But here r my thoughts: if the idea is requested enough, then there's definitely a chance. :) DragonPolygot: thx for the info cuz I always get confused when u have to translate things into Russian when I barely even know the alphabet.


Hopefully they fix them because it is annoying to have to learn the Greek alphabet on youtube.

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