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A native language of the Philippines which some white, black and asian people wants to learn.

Tagalog/Filipino is the national language of the Philippines, aside of being a national language there are more than 100 dialects those are currently existing in the whole entire country before the colonization time until now. In 1937 the national language for the philippine was debated what should it be for the nation's future and identity. Then incumbent president Manuel Luis Quezon added Tagalog language to the entry due to it's popularity for being used by its' national heroes like Andres Bonifacio, Apolinario Mabini and in other native poems written by the national hero Dr. Jose Rizal rather than English and Spanish (Due to the 333 year possession of Spain to the country and the Commonwealth rule of the United States during that time from 1899 until 1945). Then, in the mandation of the new Philippine Constitution in 1940, incumbent president Manuel Luis Quezon mandated to choose and use Tagalog for being one of the country's native language to be the Philippines' identical language. Today that language is currently ongoing to teach in some places in Canada, United Kingdom and United States due to some business reasons within the Philippines.

And I am Nelson Ferrer from the Philippines requesting this language site Duolingo to add tagalog to language courses for those people who wants to work for business and for those people has a personal relationship affair that wants to learn the language for a better advantage and to improve our nation's international relationship.

Thank you.

July 29, 2017



There is an English course for Tagalog speakers on Incubator. This the first step for a Tagalog for English.

By the way, your message means the same and sounds better if you replace "some white, black and asian people" by "some people".

I suspect Tagalog has no 100 dialects and you are referrring to 100 another languages :)


Yes, it's very unclear why the races of the potential learners are at all relevant.


Sorry for the racial classification.

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