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Any older users here who have used this website for a while ?

Hey all :)

This is my first day on Duolingo. I speak English, Arabic and French, and I want to learn Spanish so I signed up here. I was a little surprised by the way of teaching and how information is presented. Are there any users here who have perfected a language on Duolingo and has had a good experience, especially Spanish ?

Thank you so much :)

July 29, 2017



I have been here for over a year now. I have for the most part moved on to using other resources to help improve my Spanish but I still keep my Spanish lessons refreshed almost everyday, Duolingo will not take you to full fluency or anywhere close but it helps you memorise your basic vocabulary.


Thank you for your reply :) Can you site some of these resources ?


There is a very useful site to go with Duolingo and teaches some stuff that Duolingo doesn't that I would consider very important. It is called studyspanish.com and the grammar section is especially helpful it is free and you can make an account to save your progress it the vocabulary section


Yes I recommend http://readlang.com/ and http://www.beelinguapp.com/ for reading practice. www.spanishpod101.com has some great audio and video lessons. For practicing your writing and speaking skills with other students and native Spanish speakers you can join this Discord Chatroom https://discord.gg/8pyhVbU Good luck! :)


Hi and welcome,

I was like you when I signed up here, already bilingual and trying to add a third language, Spanish. The way the course is designed seemed a bit weird, but I'm happy with my progress. The goal here is to get you to learn like little children. They want you to build sentences and start speaking as soon as possible. That's why there are so many silly sentences like "the turtle eats an apple".

Since I want deeper knowledge, I do a lot of googling during lessons to learn all the relevant spelling, grammar and pronunciation rules. Clicking on the notes is also very helpful. The combination works well.

So my suggestion - use this as one tool, but don't limit yourself to only this site. You already know what it takes to learn languages. You'll be able to figure out a system better than most people :)

Good luck!


Been here for a few years, completed the Spanish course a little over a year ago I think. I used Duolingo while taking Spanish courses in high school and my Spanish is pretty good. Even my peers were surprised and going to college I was able to test out of a Spanish class. So it won't make you fluent but it can help you in the long run.


I've been using Duo since June 2013 so I'm an old user I'm also retired so I'm also an old person. As Lrtward says you will not perfect a language but you will learn a lot and in a very user-friendly way.

Be sure to read the Tip & hints on each home page, come to comments for any queries but do read the other posts; your answer may have already been answered. If it hasn't, go ahead and ask and be sure to give as much information as you can. The developers and moderators are all helpful and friendly but they cannot see what you've written or which type of exercise it was.

Best of luck and enjoy.


I've been on Duolingo for a while. You can't perfect a language here, there's just not enough vocabulary, nor are the sentences complicated enough, but I think it's great for getting enough practice to make the grammar really stick in your head, to the point that something "sounds" right or wrong. I'd recommend completing the course about halfway, then supplementing it with Memrise, or easy books. Spanish TV should be easy to find, if you are in the US, Univision and Telemundo are regular broadcast stations and there are several on cable even if you don't have the Spanish language package. Documentaries and kids' shows are good places to start. And read. Spanish is surprisingly easy for anglophones to read. I use a Kindle with a dictionary feature, because it let's me look up words on the fly. Also, do the reverse tree. At least you won't have to learn how to learn a language, so you're a step ahead.


unlimitedspanish.com and espanol en episodios are both great for listening comprehension. I use Duolingo for refreshing basic vocabulary and sentence structure. I have been a member for almost two years.


Been here for almost 4 years (off and on), you cannot use Duolingo alone when learning a language. In order to become fluent, you need to use other resources and immerse yourself (i.e listen to Spanish songs, read Spanish books, etc). From what I've heard the Spanish course isn't the best at presenting grammar (as all courses are made by different peple so they're a bit different), so I'd recommend finding a site that will explain grammar very well. Good Luck!


Been here since March 2015. Great website. Make sure you keep with it.


Can you tell me why duolingo is a great website?


There's an active forum to receive help, it uses great software as well. They make it like a game so it's really fun.


Duolingo wasn't intended to get you to proficiency, but a good start (you'll learn the basics of what you should know, but using other resources such as television, radio, etc. in that language will be effective).

Also, that's a very impressive list of languages!


Welcome to Duo, I had been here since 17 Dec 2013, and completed Spanish tree end of may this years, I really like the system they implement, it is easier for me to catch up at starting, I really appreciate Duo effort and this make me still over here today.

Hope you will enjoy the studies as well~ xD

~30 Jul 2017~


I have been here since December 2015. I learned more Spanish in three months on Duolingo than I did in four years of learning it in school.


I've been on DL for as long as my streak (about a year and a half). As several other people have said, Duolingo will not make you fluent, but I have found that it's a great resource for mastering the basics of a language. I didn't know any German when I started and now I feel that I have a decent base in it and am ready to move on to other resources. I also used it to expand my French knowledge. Best of luck!


Not sure what you mean by "older" but there are many retirees here.

You won't perfect a language on Duolingo. You'll learn the basics so that you are able to begin reading books, watching movies (with subtitles at first), listening to the radio, etc. in order to get beyond what Duo teaches.


I think she probably just means anyone who has been using Duolingo for a while.


Although I can't claim to have perfected any language, I have been here for three and a half years, and love it! I have taken a few breaks, but I always keep coming back to it, and it is a great resource! Hope you enjoy it!

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