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Reset My Progress?

Hi! I just recently reset my progress for French, where I was at level 24. Sadly, I'm only at level 8 now. I reset my progress due to the fact that I just lacked the motivation to gold my levels because of an absence from Duolingo (I assure you, it can get quite overwhelming). Of course, this has happened with all of my languages. Unfortunately, I am now facing a predicament. Do I reset my Swedish progress, where I was at level 25 (it took a heck of a long time to get there) or do I just re-gold skills? I will be resetting my progress for Russian of course, because I wasn't very far into the tree, but I really have no idea about Swedish What do you guys think?


July 29, 2017



I've never reset my progress although some seem to like doing that. Perhaps you should try to see how it goes with resetting French and refinishing that tree first? If it motivates you, it might be a good strategy for you and you can try it with Swedish. If not, then you will know and have to use something else to motivate you.


I wouldn't recommend it if you're at a high level. It sucked going from 24 to 11.

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