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Why does it say "She's a dress"?

This phrase "Elle a une robe." should be "She has a dress." but it keeps telling me it's "She's a dress". Is it a glitch or something?

July 29, 2017



It's a glitch. Duo changes "She has" to "She's". From what I've read, the course contributors know about this problem, but they don't have the ability to fix it. They've notified the programmers.


Changing "She has" to "She's" works when has is an auxiliary verb, but not when it means "to possess".

She has been looking at me all day = She's been looking at me all day.
She has read that book = She's read that book.
She has a dress != She's a dress.


For some reason I always like seeing people type != instead of ≠.

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