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Anyone else hyped for Czech?

Now, this is my first post asking this [and my first post doing this sort of thing], so I ask you, fellow users of this wonderful site, are you hyped for the Czech course to be released in (most likely) today [29/7/2017, New York/Pittsburgh time, where I live] or in the next couple of days?

I am, because my fascination with the Czech language, the people of the Czech Republic, and the culture of Czech people.

What are your reasons?

July 29, 2017



It is apparently more fun to speculate than to read what the course creators are saying.


I love Czech Republic, and I know it's one of the most cultural countries in all Europe, and I think that studying Czech history would be very nice, and also, I have many friends in Czech Republic who want to see me, and I believe that when you speak to someone in their native language, you speak them to their hearts, so after I learn Czech, I will visit them and visit the wonderful places in that beautiful country.


I can't wait for Czech.


I'm hyped for it 'cause.. You know.. Tam je spousta atraktivních českých lidí. ;)


to be released in (most likely) today [29/7/2017]

I would bet my life savings that it won't come out today. Even if it could otherwise be the first thing in Duolingo history to come out on the previously announced date (and would thus go against the team's own prediction), there's this thing called weekend.


Even if it could otherwise be the first thing in Duolingo history to come out on the previously announced date

[...Incorrect information...] And wasn't Japanese released (albeit only on the app) when it was supposed to have been?


High Valyrian was released even before the announced date, it was released 2 or 3 days before.


Mea culpa; you are quite right! Of course it was, as the announced date was the Sunday when the new season of Game of Thrones was released. That is probably a first. I'm reasonably sure Japanese was released on time, however.


Welsh came out the day before (compare this to this), High four days early (if the supposed date was Sunday) and I've been trying to find out when Japanese was changed to 18th. The latest reference I've been able to find is from April 26th when the estimated date was still May 15th. The date in the incubator on the other hand was edited (more than) 3 months ago so that would give a window of couple of days 2-3 weeks before the actual release.

Edit: I might be remembering wrong but I have a feeling Japanese came out on 18th GMT and 17th USA. I don't know which time zone the release dates usually use but you could argue that being either way.


i hope the course, but in my country its 11:31 PM on Friday :D


I go to sleep, i hope when i wake up, the course its available :D (im from Mexico)


And in "US Minor outlying" its at 4:30 PM on Friday. But in Czech Republic its at 6:30 PM on Saturday.


It's 00:04 here in Perú, and the Czech course is not here yet, I'll go to see the fireworks (cause it's Perú's Independence Day) and then I'll go to sleep, maybe I'm going to wake up very late, and I hope to see the course when I get up, Good night to everyone!


I'm really excited! I hope it releases soon!


I can nearly confirm that it won't be released today, because I checked the owl sprite and the flag sprite for an update https://d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net/images/owl-sprite21.svg and Czech is not there.

(If you want to see the flag sprite, change 'owl' in the link above to flag and the number 21 to 13). To check for updates, change the owl sprite number from version 21 to 22, and the flag sprite from version 13 to 14. If they give back an error message, Czech hasn't been added yet.

Another sign is that the forum usually appears early on the day of the release. In 'My Subscriptions' scroll down until you see Czech. If you see it, it will be released on that day, but if you don't it won't.

These are just observations from previous releases, so there is a chance, but I highly doubt it.

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