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"Articolele mele apăreau rar în ziare."

Translation:My articles were appearing rarely in the newspapers.

July 29, 2017



My articles rarely used to appear in the newspapers. The given translation is both grammatically incorrect and awkwardly constructed.


I also typed My articles rarely used to appear in the newspapers. and it is not yet accepted. :'(


English translation is incorrect. Correct English using 'seldom' is "My articles were seldom appearing in the newspapers". Seldom is placed differently from rarely.


Alt Eng (with a split infinitive): my articles used to rarely appear in the newspapers


What about this sentence. My articles hardly ever appeared in the newspaper. I am a spanish speaker I am learning english too.


edgarcris: Your sentence is grammatically correct. I teach my students that "hardly ever" is lower in frequency than "seldom" or "rarely," however. I descending order: seldom/rarely -> hardly ever -> almost never -> never.

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