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chaussure, chaussette

i used to get very mixed up with these: chaussette and chaussure. Now I understand that chaussure is shoe and chaussette is sock, but i still think it's quite hard. Does anybody else get mixed up with these?

July 29, 2017



I look at my socks when I put them on and say "chausette" a few times.
I look at my shoes when I put them on an say "chaussure" a few times.

I find that this type of effort is best for me, because the item BECOMES chausette or chaussure. I don't have to remember the trick that I used to remember the word. For me, that is just one more obstacle in actually learning the words. I find myself translating twice: once from Englisht into the "trick", or mnemonic, and again from the trick into French.

I DO use mnemonics when I get desperate, but I try to avoid them as much as possible.


Yes! But I have a weird yet somewhat affective way to remember- socks, chaussettes has the letter 'T' in it, while shoes, chaussures, does not. T also is the first letter of 'toes' and when wearing socks and shoes, your socks are closer to your "T"oes. A bit far fetched but it has always worked for me!


I think about the double tt as a pair of socks and voilà!


I used to remember it that chaussures was shoes because it has s in it and s is the first letter of shoes, this makes literally no sense because you can apply it to socks as well but for some reasons it worked


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Just remember that "-ette" signifies the diminutive form and there is no way anyone could consider a shoe to be a diminutive of a sock, so it must be the other way round.


thanks for this comment!

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Not a problem for me to remember, Romanian has many French loanwords including „șosete”, which means "socks".


Chaussettes sound smaller than chaussures to me.

A good way to remember is to do timed exercises for that skill over and over again until you answer automatically.


Thank you! I like the way you all think about the 't's and 's's. i'll try to think about that!

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