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"You drink the tea and the juice."

Translation:Voi beți ceaiul și sucul.

1 year ago



"I have the apple and the newspaper" "they are girls and they have the juice" "we drink the water and eat the apple" all these kind of sentences remind me of children playing make believe XD

1 year ago



9 months ago


Would be easier if they specified either they want tu(you) or Voi (you)...

3 months ago


How can you know whether to use tu or voi? I know that tu is used for one person and voi is used for multiple but sometimes it isn't specified whether or not there are multiple people

3 months ago


My problem is not with 2nd person singular (you) versus 2nd person plural ("y'all") having different verb endings; that's common with all Romance languages. My issue is with nouns sometimes having articles (a, an, the) come before, but other INEXPLICABLE (?) times attaching as a form of suffix at the end of the noun. Please explain.

2 months ago


indefinite article (un, o) comes before, definite article (-ul -a) comes after

1 month ago