whos excited for Czech to come out !!! :D. i can't wait to start checking out the course.

July 29, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Just a minor correction to your statement: " I can't wait to start CZECHING out the course". So? Is it better? :p YES, I'm very very excited for it.

    Nice, Clap Clap Clap

    Yes, be sure to Czech it out. Slovak as you're not busy, just Russian to it, and don't forget to Polish it occasionally for the gold lessons. Haha, I made pun of my own Croatian! (okay, I think that was a bit much...)

    Hopefully the Czech's in the mail. :)

    Kudos to the Czech team for always keeping us updated, and always keeping on working! (One of the only teams to constantly work weekly on the course)

    I can nearly confirm that it won't be released today, because I checked the owl sprite and the flag sprite for an update and Czech is not there.

    (If you want to see the flag sprite, change 'owl' in the link above to flag and the number 21 to 13). To check for updates, change the owl sprite number from version 21 to 22, and the flag sprite from version 13 to 14. If they give back an error message, Czech hasn't been added yet. (The numbers are the versions, so every time a new owl is added, the number will increase by one).

    Another sign is that the forum usually appears early on the day of the release. In 'My Subscriptions' scroll down until you see Czech. If you see it, it will be released on that day, but if you don't it won't.

    These are just observations from previous releases, so there is a chance, but I highly doubt it.

    Czech is on the flag sprite (near the middle of the third row). It was probably added during the English for Czech's time in the incubator and has nothing to do with this course. And HV was available for several hours before the owl and flag sprites were updated (and the Japanese owl was added at the same time but maybe mobile is somehow different in that respect).

    I checked the link, it just shows some of the owl sprites, what would that have to do with Czech's release?

    If the Czech owl isn't there, then the course wouldn't really be ready. They need it to display at the end of the tree, and the flag is needed for the homepage, the login page, the forums, and anywhere else the flag needs to be used.

    Nemůžu se dočkat!

    If you look at the last update from Team Czech (, they estimated having the tree locked by the end of July, but that it wouldn't go into beta until August. It's standard for DL to take some time once the tree is locked to get it up and running, but the time it takes can vary.

    From the screenshots we've seen (scroll down to week 94 in the status updates), the Czech course looks like it's going to be amazing- very detailed, lots of skills, in the range of the German and possibly even the Norwegian trees.

    Super excited! I hope it comes out soon!

    I have seen many people say this reccently, is it supposed to come out very soon ?

    Do they ever release a course on the weekend?

    They have done so but the last time was in March 2014. In fact there haven't even been any Friday releases since October 2014.

    The current breakdown is:

    • Monday: 17 courses
    • Tuesday: 13
    • Wednesday: 11
    • Thursday: 13
    • Friday: 5
    • Saturday: 1
    • Sunday: 3

    I bet we'll see it Monday, then. Fingers crossed. :)

    I wouldn't hold my breath. Recent courses (Italian for Portuguese, German for Italian) have taken two months or more from tree locking to release. And for those courses Duo had presumably used the TTS's before, which can only make things easier.

    On Monday maybe, but I wouldn't count on it being Monday the 31st. It probably takes more than one workday from the staff to check everything is in order (TTS etc.) if the team manages to lock the tree today or tomorrow.


    I have no idea!

    Dude, 7/29 was the "lock" estimate, not the release date projection ;-) Still working on the last skill, among many other responsibilities. And believe me, y'all want me to make sure that last skill works...

    Nueby, I just want to state publicly that you are the absolute bomb-diggity of course contributors.

    Swahili was released on a Saturday wasn't it?

    Yh I had read that it was not until august but everyone seemed very excited so I thought maybe they changed it. It's not too much further away though :)

    It will be August in two more days. xD

    say it will be out today.... but you never know with Duo, it might get pushed back, so far the date hasnt changed.

    It's supposed to come out today! But it probably won't... But it might! But it might not...

    To learn or not to learn that is the question oO, I am kinda busy with other languages(Romanian, Hungarian and Japanese)........hmmm

    Will it be released on mobile at the same time?

    The Czech course will probably return to the usual sequence: web release first, then mobile when the error reports drop enough.

    I am excited too!

    I cannot wait either!!! So excited :)

    Latest estimated release date is 8 April 2024. Clearly some sort of joke....

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