"Cele două ace sunt ale ei."

Translation:The two needles are hers.

July 29, 2017

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Why is here cele?


I also want to know why.


DL told us there is no word 'the' in Romanian, but clearly it is more complicated than that... I think i need to simply remember that if i want to put a number between the definite article and a noun then I must use the definite article standalone cel, cea, cei, cele not the definite article ending... Someone all linguistic will now appear to tell me that these words aren't the definite article here. DL won't allow those, i wonder if it might allow these for the English translation?


No DL doesn't allow these either so i conclude this is a standalone definite article, used wear a number or an adjective are placed between the definite article and the noun in English. Correct me if i am more than semantically wrong...

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