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"She gives him a mouse, and gives us a cat."

Translation:Ea îi dă lui un șoarece și nouă ne dă o pisică.

July 29, 2017



Why must the dative pronouns surroind the verb in the first half of the sentence but be piled up in front of the verb in the second half?


Everyone seems to be asking the same question in different ways and nobody's answered it yet....


Usually, the stressed form is placed right after the verb. But in certain contexts, like this one, it can be placed before the unstressed form for emphasis. Think this as following:

  • She is giving him a mouse, BUT to us, she is giving a cat.

Bear in mind that this is possible only when the subject is missing: in the second sentence, the subject pronoun she is missing.


Where should the clitic pronouns be repeated? One either side of the verb? Or both toghether before the verb? And if together, does it matter which way round they are - eg ne noua or noua ne? Or are all of these different versions acceptable?


Iar is kind of between și (and) and dar (but).


Like "а" in Russian?

For example: I study on Saturdays and you study on Sundays. The "and" will be translated in Russian as "а" because these two ideas are opposed.

While if I say: I study on Saturdays and on Sundays. I have to translate "and" as "и" because I enumerate two ideas.

и = și

а = Iar / dar


Ok I'm so lost now with so many words...


Repetition is the mother of learning.


Then clearly, Romanian, the most repetitive of languages, is the most learned.


"Ea îi dă lui un șoarece și ne dă o pisică." was rejected? I though nouă is not really necessary but only for emphasis?


Is "Lui ea îi dă o șoarece, și nouă ea ne dă o pisică" incorrect? Why?


As a native, the first part of the sentence sounds off, but people will understand. The second part is correct, but not commonly used, emphasis is placed on "nouă"


I wrote the same and it was rejected. Could someone explain?


please remove this comma in the english sentence


Is "noua" reqiired ? If so - can somebody explane why?


Why is the order 'noua ne' not 'ne noua', in the second clause?


Noua isnt required, is it?


Is here "lui" and " noua" are obligatiry? I do not think so

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