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July 29, 2017



There aren't really many solid rules but here are some commonalities between the endings and the gender:

Masculine : - ich, -ig, -ling, -er, -atz, -ag, -ang.

Masculine foreign words: -ant, -ast, -ismus, -or

Feminine : -e, -heit, -keit, -schaft, -ung, -ei,.

Feminine foreign words : -anz, -enz, -ie, -ik, -ion, -tät, -ur

Neuter : -lein, -chen, -nis, -tum, Ge-.

Neuter foreign words : -at, -ett, -fon, -ma, -ment, -um


Is there a pattern to help determine which gender belongs to which word in German? How do you know whether a word is male, female or neutral?


An easy pattern is all nouns ending in -chen or -lein are neuter, but other than that it's just memorization.

There are even a few examples of homonyms with different genders: "das Steuer" und "die Steuer" : "the steering wheel" and "the tax".


Indeed there is, try to watch https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrfupM1_qw4RwHiaLAXla240CxrrMmZcF number 4, 5 and 6.

However, as a beginner I find the rules difficult to remember. I'm inclined to learn the gender by heart instead.


Thank you so much! Yes, Ive heard from many that they find it easier to learn the genders by heart. But i'm sure these videos will help!:)


What you heard is perfectly right. Isaldo is naturally also right. it is much easier to learn the gender by heart. The gender is like a syllable of the new word. You have not to learn two words. Your mind makes one of it. It will be used to it that the article gives the words the undoubted feature of a substantive. Learning frequent constructions by heart makes you more confident.


Most nouns ending in -e in German are feminine. However there are quite a few exceptions as only about 86% of nouns ending in -e are feminine. E.g: der Käse, der Name...And also a useful fact : feminine nouns that end in 'e', simply add an 'n' to form the plural. Hope this helped!


It is best to learn them with their definite articles (instead of learning it as Stein, learn it der Stein), but this website might help you with genders. Good luck with your German!


Thank you so much! I'll take a look at the site:)

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