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My Spanish streak on the PC and on my phone do not agree with each other. :>/

I was quite ill this week, and was forced to take advantage of your streak freeze 'feature' for the first time; it worked fine. I bought another one (just in case) and am just knocking out a lesson a day until I get back on my feet.

My deadline was approaching today. I grabbed my phone to check whether I'd done a practice today or not, and discovered that my 'streak' on the phone was reset - it didn't recognize the streak freeze from the other day.


I went to the PC and knocked out a lesson - it updated from 112 to 113 then checked the phone - which updated from 1 to 2.... :>/

I'd appreciate any assistance you could provide.

Thank you,

March 27, 2014



Hi lee_livingston,

The wiki has a lot of information about how various features on Duolingo work. For future reference, here is a link to the portion about Streaks and Streak Freezes.


But, here are the parts I thought you would find most relevant to your situation:


There are two different types of streak: An overall site streak and an individual streak for each language. Your overall streak (shown on the website but not in the mobile apps) is based on the number of days in a row you have earned XP for any language. Your language streak (shown in the mobile apps but not on the website) for a given language is based on the number of days in a row you have earned XP for that specific language.

Streak Freeze

The streak freeze only works on your overall streak. Individual language streaks will still be reset if you miss a day of practice.[1] Mobile apps only display language-specific streaks, which streak freezes don't affect, so the language streak displayed in the app may not match your overall streak on the website.

I hope this helps to clarify why your mobile app and computer show two different streaks.


Thank you for the quick and concise reply.

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