"The shower is very warm."

Translation:Dușul este foarte cald.

July 29, 2017

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Does this translate as "The shower is very warm" or "The shower is very hot"? In other words, is it a statement of contentedness or a warning?


Warm. For "hot" Romanians would use "fierbinte "


In that case, I think that perhaps the two words are used differently in the two languages, for often when I see "cald" in this course, I think that in English we'd say "hot". We don't often talk in English of "warm" showers, let alone would say that a shower was "very warm". We generally want our showers to be "hot".

Here's a couple of other examples, from Duo's dictionary:

Mâncăm un cartof cald și proaspăt.
"We eat a warm and fresh potato."

Noi mâncăm supă caldă la prânz.
"We eat warm soup for lunch."

With food too, we usually prefer it to be "hot". If I got potatoes or soup in a restaurant and they were merely what we call "warm", I'd send them back. :)

And It seems that *fierbinte" is more "extremely hot, scorching, boiling"

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