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Suggestion: Practice Weakest Words without Hearts

I was wondering if perhaps we could have the option of a "practice weakest words" that is infinite, without hearts or a green progress bar.

I understand the point of them in the main lessons. Both as a game element and progress meter. But for weakest word practice, three hearts (and for individual word practice, only one heart!) just doesn't seem enough. In fact it is quite frustrating to have to keep hitting "retry" after only just a few questions (they are my weakest words, after all) when I'd rather just keep going, even if I am getting them mostly all wrong. It is practice after all!

Maybe even a Zen Mode where practicing weakest words doesn't count towards the word strength (so you still have to go through the lessons/measured strength practice to show you know the words).

Just a thought, anyway. : )

March 8, 2013

1 Comment

  1. Before starting practice, you can open your vocabulary, sort the words by strength and just look through your weakest words. Clicking each word displays examples with them. You can even train separate words. (By the way, practice sessions with separate words are usually very short and easier to finish.)

  2. If your weakest words are so weak that you can't finish an untimed practice even with several attempts, maybe you should want to change something in your learning process? If you practised every lesson enough, you'd remember most words and phrases.

  3. Separate words should not be such a problem (there are hover hints after all). I guess most mistakes happen because of grammar weakness. Analyze your mistakes and look for grammar rules if you are not sure why your answer is wrong.

Please don't take it as critics, just a couple of suggestions and workarounds that may help without changing anything in Duolingo's code :-) I support the idea of improving Vocabulary section, adding flashcards and making practice better.

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